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Conveniently Located among Cummins Southern Indiana Facilities

Phone: (812) 378-5833


Tuition Information

Cummins Child Development Center is a benefit and is primarily for Cummins employees. Community families are also welcome to enroll at the center, if space is available. 

Parents are considered a “Cummins family” if the mother or father is a Cummins employee and/or a grandparent is a current employee of Cummins.

Cummins employees receive a 4% discount on their tuition. It is a policy that if a parent is a Cummins employee, the child’s tuition is deducted from their payroll. Tuition for Cummins employees is calculated by the child’s weekly tuition amount X’s by 52 weeks and / by 24 pay periods.

Community families are required to pay by check or cash every Monday morning.

Cummins Child Development Center requires that tuition is paid every week even if you plan a vacation or are away from the center. Please be sure to pay in advance if you are planning to be on vacation. Thank you.

Every April, the center collects a re-registration and an activity fee from each family. These fees apply to your child staying with us throughout the summer months and the following school year. The fees are required for everyone to pay, even if your child is not staying with us after the summer months.