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Bright Horizons’ The World at Their Fingertips

The first few years of life are an extraordinary time that sets the stage for all the years that follow. Our program for learning, “The World at Their Fingertips”, creates developmentally appropriate educational environments that empower children to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.

The World is built around Eight Key Concepts:

  1. High expectations for every child
  2. Prime Times: Caring and Learning
  3. Planned child choice learning environments
  4. Emergent curriculum
  5. Developmentally appropriate Instruction
  6. Making learning visible through documentation and display
  7. Full parent partnership
  8. 21st-century technology

The World curriculum is based on established research and theory in child development of language, math, science, and social skills and incorporates the key elements that contribute to a child’s readiness for school and academic success. Through a variety of learning element, children make self-directed and guided choices and experience the joys of childhood.

Language Works integrates activities for listening, speaking, reading and writing. It creates a language-rich environment in which the lifelong love of language, books, and reading is cultivated. 

Math Counts gives children mathematical experiences with one-to-one correspondence, counting, sorting, patterning, and problem solving to establish a solid foundation in mathematical reasoning.

Science Rocks stimulates a child’s sense of wonder, and makes science come alive by encouraging children to question, experiment, observe, record, describe, and form conclusions.

Our World acknowledges and values the rich cultural heritage of families and provides a wide range of experiences for children to learn respect for our world, its diverse people, and the environment. Learn more about Our World’s newest curriculum component toward a Better World. Children learn about social awareness, embracing diversity, and giving back to their communities.

Art Smart helps children develop an interest and appreciation of art, music, theater, and dance, encouraging them to uncover their talents and express themselves artistically.

Well Aware fosters positive attitudes towards healthy living, physical activity, and nutrition through appropriate experiences that incorporate healthful habits into daily routines.

Playground and Programs
Our playgrounds are extensions of the classroom, providing healthy, safe, and stimulating environments for each child. In addition to sensory play with sand, water, clay, and paints, we offer riding toys to push or peddle, climbing structures for toddlers and preschools, natural areas, and quiet, shady areas for enjoying the outdoors.

All of our programs adapt to the changing needs, interests, and abilities of each child in our care. Documentation, child assessment guides, and parent-teacher goal setting help create individualized programs that allow children to reach their full potential. Children come to us with the wonder, desire, and will to learn. Our job is to make sure they leave Bright Horizons with their inquisitive natures enhanced and with the discipline and tools to succeed.